Breema Series in Lambertville, New Jersey

Breema: Nurturing the Essence, Increasing Consciousness
with Matthew Tousignant

Our essence is given to us by Existence. It is the seed of life and consciousness. Like all seeds, the potential of the essence lies dormant until it is touched by the nutrients it needs to grow. To root, the essence needs fertile and healthy soil which is symbolized by the relaxed body, free of tension, inertia, and fear. To become sensitized to its direction, it needs light which arises from a clear and receptive mind. To stimulate awakening, the essence requires the penetrating presence of water which flows from a balanced emotional center. When body, mind, and feelings come together and work in harmony, the three ingredients which the essence needs to thrive are available in proper quantity. In those moments, we receive a taste of being present and essential sustenance for actualizing our potential.
Breema is called the Art of Being Present. Its aim is to unify and harmonize our mental, emotional, and physical centers and familiarize us with the taste, or direct experience, of being present. Using Breema’s Nine Principles of Harmony as a framework of study, this seven class series explores how to cultivate a more essential direction in life and provides simple, practical steps to invest our energy more meaningfully. Each class includes instruction in Breema bodywork, Self-Breema exercises and body-centered meditation and movement.
No prior experience is needed.

Lambertville, New Jersey, United States