Essence of Breema

Essence of Breema: June 2005

Your body is simply an aspect of consciousness, manifesting in the dimensions of energy and matter. Energy and matter cannot be separated from consciousness. You practice Breema bodywork and Self-Breema so your body can receive this knowledge. You are not what you think. What you appear to be is just a temporary expression, a passing expression of what you are in reality. Your reality is realizable. You can’t realize through your mind, feelings, or senses. You realize in your Being, and your Being doesn’t interpret words. It receives emanation. That’s how it knows what is true and what isn’t. You can say correct things, but that doesn’t make them truth. Your Being has to resonate with what’s said.


Essence of Breema: May 2005

When you practice Breema with someone, all you need is to just be present. It’s really not about how well you do Breema, or about which sequences you do. All of that is just to support you to become open and receptive, so you can experience the taste of being present. But once you become present, it’s no longer you doing Breema. Your true nature is emanating, and in that emanation, you and the recipient become united in a single field of acceptance. Your Timeless reality enters into time and gives you the taste of I exist.


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