Freedom Comes From Understanding

by Jon Schreiber

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The truth is simple. The direct experience of the truth is truth. In its absence, we search for new words, for different philosophies. But "new" doesn't mean having a new concept—it means having a new taste of your own existence in this moment.
How do you relate to your life? It's as though you have a basket, and you're going shopping through the universe. The emptier your basket, the more you can gather. Our True nature wishes to support us, and it is supporting us every moment of our life. We could have a tangible experience of that support, by being present. How does Existence support you? By letting you know you belong. In truth, your home is the entire cosmos. Having a human body allows you to experience this. When you become conscious of your own existence, that Consciousness is the beginning of connection to your Timeless nature.


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