Waking Up to This Moment - The Essential Meaning of Breema

by Jon Schreiber

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Hardcover, 168 pages, 7" x 9", 60 color photographs

This book especially emphasizes those aspects of Breema's philosophy and principles that relate to practicing Breema bodywork, though of course it also applies to all activities of our lives.

 "You can't separate Breema bodywork from the philosophy of Breema, and you can't separate the philosophy of Breema from the philosophy of Existence." My goal with this new book was to present those aspects of Breema's philosophy that are most helpful for anyone who is practicing Breema, whether as a student, a Certified Practitioner, Instructor, or Self-Breema Instructor.
 This book is also meant to present aspects of the depth underlying Breema in a way that is accessible to those recently introduced to Breema. And it contains many new photographs that convey some of the atmosphere of Breema.


Also available as audio book!

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