April 21, 2019

One thing we need to learn in life is to support whatever is supporting us. If we go down this road, our eyes and mind slowly open up, and we see that we’re supported by everything that exists. Then we can take an active posture in relation to this knowledge. We don’t need to make it mental. We can keep
it simple. Just saying thank you is mutual support. Do you like your socks? Then just acknowledge you are thankful for them while you’re putting them on. That’s how simple it is. Everything deserves our thanks.

One of the reasons we are so insensitive to each other is that we take everything for granted. We can begin working with Mutual Support by being thankful, being supportive of our family, our friends, the people we work with. At the same time, it’s important to see that no matter how much we relate to this principle, no matter how much we think it’s good to be grateful, we seldom are. In our mechanical way of living, there really isn’t gratitude. That’s why Breema guides us towards one thing only—the desire to be present. Because when you are present, you have gratitude. When you are present, you naturally manifest mutual support.

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