April 4, 2019

If you allow yourself to be yourself, whatever you do is Breema. And if you look closely, you’ll see that this is possible only when all of the Nine Principles are being actualized. So one way to be yourself is to put the Nine Principles into practice. That can give you taste—the taste of that which is. The meaning of Existence is that is-ness.

We have to do a lot to come to that dimension. One way of working with it is to remain with body-mind connection, and gradually let go of identification with your body, with your hands, with whatever you are doing, with what you are thinking, with what you’re feeling.

Everything you think you are is nothing but a thought in your mind. What freedom it is to see you are not what you think you are! You can exist only in this moment, but whatever you say about yourself is derived from the past or projected into the future.

“Getting Breema in your body” means you know what taste is—through many, many experiences of
it. Taste gives you an inner atmosphere, and with it, understanding becomes possible. If there is no under- standing right now, how could you be dis-identified with your hand holding this book or with whatever activity you’re involved in, or with the people around you? If you don’t recognize there is water in the glass, how can you lose your identification with the glass? When you see the water, then you know the glass is a form which has a function—to hold this water.

Every form is subject to “birth” and “death,” to appear and disappear. Only the water has permanent life. That water is the life force that passes through us. We receive some of that life force by eating and drinking. And some by breathing. And some from impressions we take from everything we see, touch, hear, and even from what we think and feel. Together, these provide an energy which is like electricity, or like the sap of a tree. Sap flows through every part of the tree. The tree of life includes everything that exists, and the same sap is passing through everything. Connection to the whole is health. The more connected you are to the whole, the healthier you are.

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