April 5, 2019

There is something very simple you can put into your mind to organize your thinking, so you don’t get so lost.

Look at the universe as having two aspects. One is meaning. The other is form. With this you can categorize everything in the universe. What has more meaning? Whatever has more Consciousness. When you become conscious of your existence, you bring meaning to your life.

What is the mind for? It’s a tool that has to open up so meaning can come in. The mind has to open up to the existence of the body, because when meaning enters, you have to receive it in the body. That’s why you are here on the Earth, why you have been given this uniform you call your body.

We don’t really know what the body is, because we look only at its form. We think of it as a mechanical tool that moves around. To the degree you let meaning enter this form, you know what the body is. That’s also how you know what Consciousness is. Truth exists in meaning.

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