August 12, 2018

The key is here: the real heart has an intimate connection to the Source. The voice of the heart is our real conscience. Its emanation is love. These words are used everywhere, but they are not understood. When there is love, there is no fear. The heart, by nature, unifies. The mind diversifies. The heart knows; the mind tries to know. Heart, conscience, love—all belong to the realizable universe, and can be realized. When you realize them, you understand.

Real happiness is a result of love. Love is a sacred word which we’ve made sentimental. We say “I love this, I don’t love that.” Real love, by its nature, unifies the one who loves, the one who is loved, and the process of loving. In the moment you taste I exist, there is love. Love is a dimension of consciousness that can see things as they are. That’s the real meaning of love.

There is something very particular about the taste of I exist. You can’t enter into it with your crystallizations. You have to “take your shoes off.” When you have it, you accept things as they are. You are connected to your True nature.