August 4, 2018

Some of us come to the point in life in which we feel a need for truth. Many of us don’t come to that stage until we become disillusioned with the superficiality, the “surface” of life. Then we begin to search for something more meaningful. When we find something real that nurtures us, we feel it. But what we feel is not ours. When we understand it, it becomes ours. That process requires a lot—we need a strong desire to be awake.

But we don’t really want to be awake, because we’re “comfortable” being asleep. Being asleep means being in the house of thoughts and shuffling them around from one place to another. We imagine we feel secure there.

At some point, that doesn’t satisfy us anymore. We begin to want to know what is real, how to recognize what is real, and how to bring that to our life, so we can live more consciously in the midst of the unconscious current of life on the Earth. All the thoughts that have ever been thought create that mass consciousness.

Freedom from mass consciousness is possible only if we come to a dimension of consciousness in which we can see through it. That allows you to live on the Earth while being connected to your True nature. Then you look with a different light. With this light, you have the ability to penetrate and comprehend what you see, so it is transformed. In the presence of that light, your personality becomes like an open book—you see through yourself, with your own understanding.