August 9, 2018

We have concepts and we try to build our life around them. Concepts like happiness, wealth, intelligence. No wonder we live our life in fear—these are all temporary, and from these concepts, fear is born. We’re afraid of losing our job, our money, our boyfriend or girlfriend, our status, our life.

Is there anything that’s not temporary? If you have one moment of taste, you can’t call that temporary, because you are connected to the Timeless unity of all that exists.

Everything temporary is an event of life, and belongs to the manifested universe. Your wallet becomes empty, your car breaks down, your body gets sick— all are events. But reality belongs to the realizable universe. It is eternal, not temporary.

The manifested universe is observable. The mind classifies, categorizes, and compares everything in it. Something is long, something else is short. It sees things in opposition, as opposites. Seeing things in separation and as opposites leads to animosity and violence. If you are separate from me, I am afraid of you. There’s another way of looking at things, instead of settling for the concept of opposites. You can introduce scale. If you think of yourself as intelligent, look and see how much intelligence is there and how much ignorance. You will see it’s never all one way—there is always some degree of each.