Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony

We are asleep because
we believe we exist independently
of the unity of Existence.

To wake up means to know Existence exists
as one unified whole.


Breema is about self-knowledge, self-understanding, self-actualization, and self-transformation. What does bodywork have to do with it? Why do we receive Breema bodywork, and practice Breema and Self-Breema? Because we are not equipped to receive the truth through our mind or feelings.

We rely on our mind and feelings, but they don’t have the capabilities we imagine they do. We are already filled up with fragmented and incorrect knowledge, which we have acquired in a disorganized and haphazard way. This makes our mind and feelings chaotic. In other words, we have been conditioned. We are crystallized. This can’t be neutralized by another thought, another philosophy, because we automatically restructure it to fit our conditioning. We can’t help it. We’ve been conditioned to mechanically perpetuate our crystallized ways of thinking and feeling.

How do we become free of our conditioning? Through the process of decrystallization. Unless our body starts to become decrystallized, our mind and feelings never will. We receive Breema bodywork to give our body a chance to have a new experience it’s never had before. Because every touch in Breema is based on the Nine Principles of Harmony, it’s a brand new experience that can’t be mechanically processed by our conditioned reactions to sensory input.

We practice Breema bodywork and Self-Breema to digest what we’ve heard and read about the philosophy of Breema, so it won’t just stay in our mind and feelings. We digest it by putting it into practice. We practice Breema to experience Body Comfortable, to experience Single Moment/Single Activity. We wish to taste the existence of the body. We wish to taste an Inner Authority that’s free from our mind, our emotions, and our sensations. We want to receive a direct impression of reality, without going through the filters of our mind and emotions.

Giving and receiving Breema is an opportunity to let go of our conditioning. The experience of Breema in our body lessens our unconscious identification with our crystallized “knowledge,” while depositing in us a hologenic and organized knowledge that is the imprint of the taste of the Nine Principles on us.

The more we experience it, the more we become capable of receiving life energy consciously, instead of only mechanically.

We’ve been conditioned to never be present. We’re always in the past or future. So we don’t know we exist, and we receive life energy mechanically, without knowing it. We work with the Nine Principles in order to taste our existence, in order to have new thoughts, new feelings, and a new posture towards life.

When you receive a Breema session, wordlessly you receive this message—you are not what you think you are. And you get a taste of what you are. In that short taste of freedom from your conditioning, you are filled up with life energy that lights you up from the inside.
(p 22)