December 3, 2018

When you do Breema, connect to your recipient. Through that connection, they open up, and they receive something. Your hand is on their instep, for example. Gradually bring the weight of your body to your hand. Not force, just the weight of the body. You always need that much participation in what you’re doing. Wherever your hand is, let the weight of your body be with it. When you walk, if you don’t experience the weight of your body on the ground, you are touching the ground mechanically. If the weight of your body is not participating when your hand touches, you are touching mechanically. We say “weight of the body,” but what it really means is that the body’s total energy supports your hand when it touches.

You can find this same connection in the principle of Firmness and Gentleness. You can look at someone gently. You can look at them firmly. But when firmness and gentleness come together, you look at them and you know you are looking.

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