December 5, 2018

Nothing in the universe is actually old. And nothing has an actual boundary. To call a drop
of water in the ocean a drop means you assume a boundary for it. But it is really a part of the ocean. What appears as a distinct object shows itself, on closer examination, to be vibration.

The value of these concepts is that they may
shake up the sense of “me-ness,” of separateness
that we live in. Look at a subatomic particle. It is simultaneously a wave and a particle. Before you
can designate it as a wave, it has already become
a particle. Before you can call it a particle, it has become a wave. The universe is much more dynamic than we imagine. Nothing can be given a meaning separated from the whole. Birth and death are not separated events with the meaning we usually attribute to them. They are part of one inclusive process. That means everything has constant exchange with everything else. And that exchange takes place against the background of something that is not changeable. That unchangeable something is the meaning of the changeable universe. That means the reality of yourself is not visible or observable. It comes from a source that is not observable, yet timelessly present.

All the attributes and properties of the Totality also exist in you. In the smallest exists the greatest, and in the greatest exists the smallest. If you allow a little bit of this understanding into your life, you don’t take yourself and your difficulties so seriously. And because you’re not wasting so much of your energy wanting and worrying, you are able to bring more constructive attention to your life.

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