December 7, 2017

There are two things that constantly drain our energy. One is tension. The other is inertia. We are always tense, and we always try to postpone things. Tension and inertia are indicators that you have separated the body from its friend. Mind and matter are actually one—two aspects of one phenomenon. Mind and body are meant to be with each other. They are meant to become true life partners. When we separate them, they both make us pay—the body, with tension and inertia, and the mind, by re-running negative memories of the past on the surface of our consciousness.

Our mind and body have been separated for so long, we don’t even know something is missing. The good news is this—we can bring body and mind together. In fact, it’s the only thing we can do for sure. When you do it, you see how simple it is to breathe and know there is a body.