Essence of Breema: August 2007

excerpts from classes at the Breema Center

Our body has to become an instrument that has the atmosphere of Breema and Self-Breema, soit can invite Conscious energy. Conscious energy can see, and guides us through life. GettingBreema in your body increases the ability of your body to respond to Conscious energy.

If you look at a cherry tree, you see a few cherries are very ripe and ready to pick. Some are mostlyred, but have a little green still. And some are mainly green. Some are all green. And others aregreen and tiny. And there are also blossoms that haven’t yet become fruit. We understand that wecan’t be critical of the cherries which aren’t yet ripe. We’re grateful for the ripe ones we’re goingto pick and enjoy. The rest will ripen in their own time.

We need this same understanding in our own life. Most aspects of us are unconscious. Some are alittle bit conscious. Some a little more conscious. And some are manifesting Consciousness. Thoseaspects are my business. I stay with what’s available to me at any given moment, and I accept therest as they are, whatever they are. My understanding of the bigger picture, of the whole cherrytree, supports me to not hate those cherries which aren’t ripe, and to appreciate those which are.This is also the posture we need to have to look at humanity as a whole. We are all in differentstages of consciousness. And we cannot force things. We can’t kick the tree to make the cherriesripen. But we can nourish the whole planet by having Being-participation, by being present.Then our atmosphere supports life. We need to have compassion and well-wishing, knowing thatultimately, everyone will ripen when it’s their time.

Every moment in which we taste presence, we become closer to knowing who we really are. Firstwe have to find confidence in our eternal aspect. When an inner atmosphere is created in us andthis eternal aspect becomes tangible, our relative aspect follows in harmony with life, with oursurroundings. Then we have full acceptance.

The only thing we have to offer in life is our receptivity to Existence.


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