Essence of Breema: Excerpts from Breema Center Books November 27, 2018

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from the 2-CD audiobook
"First You Have to Be"

”We are like someone who’s lost in the desert. But instead of wishing for a little rain or a small pond, we wish the whole ocean was there. Part of our suffering comes from having so many unrealistic desires. We’re like little sparrows, but we want to be powerful eagles. We want to help the world, but we don’t see how much we need help.
See if you can help yourself, because actually, the world is you, yourself. What you can’t do for yourself, you can’t do for others. But you can always do something to help yourself, something tangible that you can experience.
You help yourself in the moment you become present. That’s how you can support the world to move towards harmony. This is good for us to understand. Then, we can express and manifest our care and concern for other people’s difficulties in a more supportive way."