Essence of Breema: February 2008

excerpts from classes at the Breema Center

When you manifest being present, an echo comes back to you from your activity— I am present. It’s as simple as that. The Nine Principles are not poetry, not something nice to say, they’re the fact of your experience if you are receptive to it. Breema is an activity that supports you to have a momentary experience of being present, and to prolong it a bit, so you can benefit. Once you get what this means, you see it’s your birthright to be present. Why should you be any other way? Why should you be absent?
For so many years, you’ve lived in your head. What did you get from it? The body breathes—you “know” that, in an automatic way. But now you could know that consciously. You may say, “I don’t have time.” But you have time to say that sentence, and knowing you are breathing takes less time than that.

Every moment, we can embrace the entire Existence by simply being present.

Everything we study at the Breema Center is to get rid of extra. If you don’t have extra, you don’t need to study Breema! It’s like rain falling from the clouds. You don’t have to do anything to make it rain. But if you are covered with dust, when the rain comes, you’re going to have muddy water. You have to clean the dust off of yourself to receive the water of life. And you do that by bringing body, mind, and feelings together.

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