Essence of Breema: June 2006

excerpts from classes at the Breema Center

Your mind is restless because it is yearning for a meaningful job. That’s why it stuffs itself with information and images—it hasn’t found the right job yet. Your mind has been misused as a memorizing tool, and its majestic function ignored.
Breema suggests that you stay with the process of body breathing. It asks the mind to know—not theoretically, but actually—moment after moment, that body is inhaling and exhaling. This is a meaningful job for your mind. If your mind remains with your inhalation and exhalation long enough, it recognizes its own underlying desire to be present. Your mind, a homeless orphan, finds its home. In the present, you understand that you and Existence are not separated. This is the understanding your mind wants.

There is a hand, but not as a separated phenomenon—as an aspect of the totality. And then this hand leans, unseparated from total existence. Life is giving to life. Existence is manifesting itself. And you’re welcome to the party of Existence—enjoy it. You see, the two bodies are touching each other. It’s like two ripples coming to each other. That’s not a big deal. The ocean has to communicate with the ocean. Being to Being, life giving to life. It’s not just this hand and that body. The experience you have after receiving a Breema treatment is because your Being is nurtured, not because your body became a little more flexible or a little healthier.

Look at a sunflower. It’s always doing its best. It turns to always face the sun. That’s the meaning of being present. It means facing your true nature. Then your “shadow,” your temporary aspect, your form, that appears and will someday disappear, is behind you. You’re facing something real, and your shadow is in back of you. And every now and then you find you’re looking at your shadow again because you’ve turned your back to the sun. Then you remember, “It’s time for me to turn toward the sun,” and you come to the body.

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