Essence of Breema: June 2007

excerpts from classes at the Breema Center

Full Participation means to come from the passive state to the active state. I am in the active state only when my mind and body are together. If all day long you do only physical work or emotional work or mental work, you’re living your life in the passive state. The true active state is when the mind and body and feelings are participating with a common aim, which is to be present, to come to I am. Body-mind together is a perfect direction, because we do not have command over our feelings. We cannot ask our feelings to be a particular way. They are what they are. Sometimes they’re like this, sometimes they’re like that, but that’s the periphery of the feelings. The true feelings are not that which reacts and has like and dislike. When body and mind are together, the true feelings participate. True feelings have one aim—to supply energy for being present. When body and mind are together and present, and feelings supporting, I remain present. Then my relationship to the body I am doing Breema on, or to this body which is working, is not of a personal nature. The existence of what is is what counts. We call that the language of emanation. The emanation of this body-mind-feelings connects with emanation of the body-mind-feelings of the recipient, and in that moment of unity, we are both receptive to receive conscious energy.

The direction always is from complication to simplicity, from diversity towards unity. If I see something is difficult for me to do, I know there is only one reason—I've made it complicated. So I simplify it. How do I simplify anything in life? By bringing it to Single Moment/Single Activity. I have a hundred things to do in my house. An important guest is coming, and I am worried about it. That’s complication. Now I bring it to simplicity. I start in one corner, I rearrange a couple of things. I shift from potential energy to kinetic energy, and then doing becomes natural. I’m not worried anymore. Before I know it, everything is organized.

The activity of Breema is not in separation. It’s in unity. Sometimes we say Existence manifesting itself, or life giving to life. So we need to let go of all our ideas about ourselves and everything others have told us about ourselves. Let them all be—leave them at the side. Just be present, moment after moment.

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