Essence of Breema: May 2005

excerpts from classes at the Breema Center

When you practice Breema with someone, all you need is to just be present. It’s really not about how well you do Breema, or about which sequences you do. All of that is just to support you to become open and receptive, so you can experience the taste of being present. But once you become present, it’s no longer you doing Breema. Your true nature is emanating, and in that emanation, you and the recipient become united in a single field of acceptance. Your Timeless reality enters into time and gives you the taste of I exist.

You do one Self-Breema exercise. Now there is a body. You register the existence of the body. This brings you to the present, and nurtures you. That’s why we need to practice Self- Breema every day, at least one exercise a day—to wake up from our psychological sleep. Otherwise, we’re always asleep in a bed of thoughts, covered with a sheet of thoughts. But when you come to the body through Self-Breema, you come to taste. Then you are no longer alone, you are in relationship. You are in a dynamic relationship with your body, with your environment, and with your self. Because that’s how you actually exist—never alone, never by yourself. Always in relationship.

If you examine a peach pit, you’ll find a kernel inside the hard pit. Between the kernel and the pit there is some substance. When the kernel is preparing to sprout, it uses the substance that surrounds it as a food. It eats it, and then the pit opens and it sprouts. That substance is your personality. Its real purpose is to serve as food for your essential Being. We have to find a way to live our life that allows our essential Being to become more active, and our personality more receptive at its presence. That’s how the personality becomes food for the growth of your essential Being.

The purpose of Breema is this—to help you become a unified entity, a direct emanation of your true nature, Awareness. We refer to that as the Inner Authority, as being present, as taste. But it is one thing really—that which is. And what is, is always in unity. Reality is always in unity. It has no opposition. Truth includes all opposites within itself.

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