Essence of Breema: September 2005

excerpts from classes at the Breema Center

You place your hand on the recipient’s foot. What are you doing? Obviously, you lean the weight of your body into your hand. What does your hand experience being on the recipient’s foot? That’s not your business. What does their foot experience? That’s not your business either. What does your body experience as it leans toward your hand? Not your business. What does your mind experience as thoughts come and go? Not your business. All of those experiences are just events of life. But the reality of your existence is the Awarenesss that you exist. You are present, as Existence. That’s your business. If you take care of your business, your hand becomes precious, leaning becomes precious, all your experiences become precious. Because everything becomes real when you’re connected to your true nature.

In Breema, no one ever has something wrong with them. The minute you think they do, you’re no longer doing Breema. You and the recipient are simply receivers of one universal energy that supports you both to have an exchange. That’s why you don’t need to have any judgment. That’s why you don’t need to fix the recipient. All you need to do is breathe and come to the present. Then the recipient opens up too. They enjoy it just as much as you do. Their identification with themselves and their problems lessens, and may even fall away.

Everything has a relationship to the Absolute, and manifests based on that relationship. The diversity of relative existence means that there are many dimensions or levels of consciousness, which are all in the Absolute. The finer or “higher” the level of consciousness, the greater the ability to penetrate the appearance of phenomena and see things as they actually are, interrelated, interconnected, all arising from the same source. Once this really makes sense to you, you begin to wish to raise your level of consciousness. If this becomes your aim, it gives purpose and meaning to your life.

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