Every Moment Is Eternal: Excerpts

To continue living mechanically, we have the support of seven billion other human beings. But to live in the present, there is not much support at all. We need a new education, which cannot be communicated through the mind or through our emotions. This new education is communicated by taste. Taste is direct and offers the possibility of freedom from our conditioning. If you pay attention, you’ll find out that no matter what you look at, before you can really see it, there’s a word. Before you can see a tree, the word “tree” appears in your mind. Before you can see the sky, the word “sky” is there. Before you can see your friend, their name comes. When you see a stranger, before you can actually see them, you’ve already associated them with something from your past. That’s your conditioning. It pervades every aspect of your life. That’s why we all live in the past and future. To become present means freeing yourself from this conditioning.


What does it mean to come to the body? Before you come to the body you are imagining yourself. That person you imagine yourself to be lives inside your head, in thoughts. You can’t come to the body unless you come out of the mind, out of thoughts. When you’re with the body, you’ve taken a huge step toward becoming present. You can’t be present in thoughts, because thoughts are always in the past or future. When your mind is where your body is, you are a step closer to who you really are. Practicing bringing the mind to the body helps give you more possibility to receive Conscious energy, instead of mechanical energy. When Conscious energy is present, you know it, because it has a taste. Mechanical energy has no taste. That’s why we ordinarily live without tasting life. But with Conscious energy, life has taste. Friendship has taste. Sunlight has taste. The body has taste. Everything you experience has taste. Instead of living in the world of imaginary existence, which has no taste, you enter into the taste of real existence.
(p 40)


The universe has no beginning and no end. The pit becomes the tree, and the tree, a pit. Beginning and end are one. Truth can’t be fit into a mold. It’s beyond formulation, beyond concepts and knowledge. Your own existence is not dependent on your thoughts and sensations, not dependent on your body. In the moment you actually taste that you are not your thoughts, feelings, or sensations, you are free from birth and death. You see that it’s just the process of Existence, necessary for the relative to find its place within the Absolute. When you see the unity of the relative and the Absolute, you understand that everything is exactly as it should be, everything is perfect as it is. There’s a part of you that can relate to it and understand it, because you are that unity. We may be far from realizing it, but there is always a step toward reality we can take to come to is-ness. Coming to the breath and body is a good first step.
(p 50)