February 12, 2019

Breema starts with bringing body and mind together. When body and mind are together, your mind is not your ordinary mind—a house of thoughts, worries, fears, and anxieties. That mind is always in the past or future, always absent. You can look at the mind like an onion—the outermost layer is the part we use in our daily life. That part is a warehouse. It’s filled up with stuff from books, TV, media, school. All the material stored in it has not been verified by our Being, so we have no understanding of those thoughts.

In body-mind connection, a deeper layer of the mind begins to work. This mind can think. The surface layer doesn’t think. All day long, it opens boxes that were dumped into the warehouse. But those are not your thoughts—they’re an accumulation of mass consciousness inside your brain. To have your own thoughts, to initiate your thought process and think, is very big! And that begins with body-mind connection.

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