February 13, 2019

A lot is needed before we are able to accept even one thing.

We can’t accept things as they are because we don’t really see what we’re looking at. As soon as we look, our eyes take a picture of what we see. That picture goes to our mind and triggers a set of associations. So we see everything associatively, and have commentary about everything we see, based on what we’ve heard or learned before. That’s why we don’t really connect to life. We just react to it.

If you see someone as they are, you see they are not separate from what you are. They are you, in the form of them. There is one Existence, one universe, one Consciousness, one Awareness, one life. The word “is” can refer only to the Totality. When you separate anything, it “is not.” You have to constantly come to I am. And when you lose it, you “are not.” Again and again you have to come to I am, until it becomes permanent for you. Then “I am not” becomes included in I am.

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