July 14, 2019

Breema is about self-knowledge, self-understanding, self-actualization, and self-transformation. So why do we do bodywork?

If we were equipped to receive this teaching through the mind or feelings, we could just sit and talk, and there’d be no need for the bodywork. It seems like we should be able to do that. But we can’t, because we are not as we appear to be. We are already filled up with the wrong knowledge. We have been conditioned, crystallized. Crystallizations are inner attitudes that prevent us from being open to life. We cannot be de-conditioned, de-crystallized by more thoughts, by hearing another philosophy, because we automatically take that and reinterpret it and mix it in with our conditioned thoughts. It just becomes another layer of conditioning. We cannot transform ourselves by hearing something through our mind. That road is a dead end. Your body has to become de-crystallized for your mind and feelings to have a chance to be de-crystallized. Every thought you have, every emotional state, imprints itself on your body.

So we do Breema bodywork and Self-Breema for
two reasons. One is to give the body a chance to have a new dimension of experience it never had before. Breema touches us in a completely unique way, because each touch is an expression of the Nine Principles of Harmony.

The second reason we do Breema is to help us digest its philosophy and principles, so they don’t just sit in our mind and become more weight. We digest them by putting them into practice. That’s what Breema is about—tasting the existence of the body. Tasting something that’s free from the mind, feelings, and sensations—an Inner Authority. That’s why we do Breema. It gives us this possibility—both in giving and receiving. We need to work with the principles, and give and receive Breema enough so that we “get it in our body.” When we do, we know what it means to begin to be free from our conditioning. Breema offers the possibility of transforming yourself into an instrument that can receive Conscious energy. Otherwise, we only receive energy mechanically, which means we’re always in the past or the future. That’s why we don’t know that we are. We can’t know that unless we are fully present. We practice Breema to get a brand new taste of our existence, to have new thoughts, new feelings, a new posture towards life.

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