July 7, 2019

The real already exists. The oak tree already exists within the acorn. But you have to give it the right conditions, by planting it in the soil, watering it, making sure it gets sunlight. Then it can sprout and grow into a mighty tree.

You are just like that tree. You existed before your body formed. But because we relate only to the apparent, to the manifested, we take ourselves to be separate. We don’t know our unity with the Absolute.

If you had everything, what would you wish for? In unity with the Source, your essential wish is already exist. But even if you know it, you remember it only for a moment here, a moment there. In between those moments, you still exist. When you’re lost in thoughts, you exist, but your thoughts don’t let you see that. It’s as though you’re looking at the back of a mirror, and can’t see yourself.

Now let’s say you turn the mirror the other way, so you can see your reflection. And you ask a question. You are asking, not your image, not your reflection. You are manifesting, not the manifestation you identify with as you.

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