June 20, 2019

In order to know you are part of the unity of all things, you have to exist. In order to relate to anyone or anything, first you have to be. But only in one whole unified Existence do you exist. You cannot really relate to one person or to one particular thing unless you are relating to the Totality. To relate means to be in unity with all that exists. It means finding your Being within Being-ness. Each thing is part of a whole, and each whole exists within an even greater whole, all the way to the Absolute.

To relate means to relate to the entirety—to the whole and part simultaneously. Only when you taste I am can you really say “I am relating.” “I am” means you enter into the bigger picture. “Relating” means you relate to the part without losing your connection to the whole. When you relate to someone, you see them in unity with all that exists. If you look at yourself as a separate phenomenon, it means you are not relating.

Another way of saying it: with knowledge alone, you cannot relate. Knowledge is presented by the mind through words and images. That limits it! With knowledge, you can’t see the part and the whole simultaneously. That’s why Being is necessary. Being is a part of Being-ness, so it is unseparated, connected to the is-ness of the Totality.

Knowledge and Being together give us understanding, which is needed to truly relate. So the foundation of all relationships is you, yourself. That means from your own Being-existence, you relate. With your temporary aspect you relate only to the observable. With your permanent aspect, you relate to the meaning. Seeing meaning and form together allows you to truly relate.

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