June 3, 2018

Ordinarily, we don’t accept. We justify. We want to accept things mentally. We try to convince the mind that something is all right, but underneath it, we don’t accept it. Acceptance doesn’t come through the thought process. You can’t accept unless you’re connected to something higher in yourself. When that is present, you accept what you see of yourself. Why? Because you understand that everything you observe is actually not you, and you don’t need to “fix” it.

Trying mentally to accept some condition or situation in your life does have some value at times because it may allow you to have a little more balanced energy. But you can only know real acceptance by taste. Mentally, you cannot know what acceptance means. Mentally, you can’t know anything real. Because the mind doesn’t have light of its own. It has to receive light from Consciousness. In those times you receive Conscious energy, your mind becomes a tool instead of your boss. It becomes a receptive vessel for Conscious energy to pass through. Then it sees, because Consciousness has light. With the light of Consciousness we see through our inner, psychological state. We see the content of our thoughts and feelings. Seeing that in acceptance gives us some self-knowledge.

To make all this practical, practice body-mind connection until you know what that means by taste. Body-mind connection anchors you, because it’s much more real than your thoughts and feelings. You can trust that taste much more than your thoughts and feelings.

Gradually, when you have acceptance, you find the taste of your own existence in it. That you can totally trust, because you are in unity with the Totality.