June 3, 2019

The body is healthy when it functions correctly. To be healthy, you have to invite health to your 
body. How do you do that? By being present. You
 are healthy only when mind, feelings, and body are participating harmoniously in your activity. So many health problems are the result, directly or indirectly, of disharmony between the mind and body, the feelings and body, or the mind and feelings.

We do things that aren’t conducive to our health and invite illness, because we don’t know what we are and how we are supposed to live our life. We “mis-place” ourselves because of our ignorance of ourselves and our function and purpose. If we try to study health, starting with the assumption that the body is a “thing” that is living separately from the life that surrounds it, we will never understand the body or what to do to help it. When we see that we are not separate from life and so neither is our body, we have a chance to study the body and health correctly.

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