June 4, 2018

If you happen to see something about yourself, you usually want to deny it because it doesn’t fit your self-image. A lot of your energy is wasted by that conflict.

But if you see something and say, “All right, that’s how it is,” you may even understand that what you see of yourself is not really you. It’s what has been acquired from society, from the media, from your family, your upbringing, your education. It’s not even yours, but you are subject to it. When you see that, you can distinguish between yourself and what you’ve acquired. When you know what you are, not only do you accept what you’ve acquired, you can also use it. A good gardener can see weeds and smile, because he knows how to make compost out of them. When you find you can use everything that’s been thrown on top of you, you no longer hold anything against your parents, your upbringing, or society. Instead, you can have acceptance. Acceptance saves your energy. You become grateful for your life, because you can make compost out of the things you used to be stuck under.