June 5, 2019

In the passive state, we live in thoughts, in our head. And we have opinions and commentary about everything. We think that we’re thinking, but really, we just move information from one corner of the mind to another, and call that thinking.

The possibility of real thinking arises only while body and mind work together. In the active state, we can think. The active state means body and mind working together in unity.

The receptive state is not what we imagine either. It doesn’t mean to just be a good listener or have empathy. It’s a higher level of consciousness. To be truly receptive, we have to let go of everything we know and everything we think we know. True receptivity takes place in the emptiness of oneself.

We cannot come directly from the passive state to the receptive state. First we have to come to the active state. And the active state is not something we can enter just like that. Doing things mechanically, we appear to be active, but we are actually passive. As long as thoughts are “happening” in your mind, you are in the passive state. In the active state, if someone is talking to you, you can listen without commentary.

In the passive state, whatever energy we gain from food, air, and impressions is drained without any real benefit. Our energy decreases. In the active state, we create a circuit—the energy we spend is replenished. That’s important. But only when we are free from identification with our thoughts and our convictions about ourselves, free from our conditioning, are we receptive. In the receptive state, body, mind, and feelings are together. We connect to our True nature, to the Source, to reality. The energy we use is not only replenished, it supports the growth of our consciousness.

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