June 6, 2019

The first thing is to learn to bring body and mind together. If you use any of the Nine Principles of Harmony while you are doing something, you can come to the active state, because you bring body and mind to work as a unit. In reality, they are a unit. We mistakenly believe they are separate phenomena. The principle of Body Comfortable is a good example. Body Comfortable doesn’t mean making the body you picture in your mind comfortable. We don’t know what the body is, because we only have thoughts about it. No matter how much education we’ve received about it, we still don’t taste what it means to have a body.

Right now you are sitting here. Do you know that your body is breathing? Did you know before you read this sentence? That’s how far we are from reality. Coming back to the fundamental reality of our existence, step by step, is the aim of Breema. If you actually want to know the taste of Body Comfortable, a lot is needed. Body, mind, and feelings have to be unified, working in harmony in the present moment. As soon as you
go to the past or future, there is no unity among these three. Unity is possible only in the present moment. Being in the present moment means being free from the past and future. This freedom gives us taste. To have taste, your Being has to participate. Being present, you taste life. You are not separated.

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