March 12, 2018

Do you refer to your “thinking” mind when you say “I”? Is that you? Part of you, perhaps, but not all of you. Your feelings are another part, and they’re usually in conflict with your mind. Your body is yet another part.

You have to know a little about how your mind functions, how your feelings function, and how your body functions. If you become familiar with them, you will see the need to bring these three into harmony with each other, so they can work together with a common aim. Then you have the energy you need to live your life more meaningfully.

The problem is that none of these three has any real authority which the other two can accept. The only solution is to find an authority that mind, feelings, and body can all say “yes” to. An authority that you can call I. Not like the “I” which you refer to artificially, saying, “I did this...I went there...” If someone asks, “Who are you referring to when you say ‘I’?” you can’t say, because you don’t know. The I that your mind, feelings, and body all accept as an authority is real. That I is the emanation of your True nature, your Being.