May 12, 2018

Relating doesn’t mean thinking. It doesn’t mean seeing with your eyes. When we look at someone, it doesn’t mean we’re relating to them. We see them through the filter of our associations, our ideas, our thoughts. We don’t relate to that person. We relate to the image of them inside our head. And we think that’s them, so we never have a chance to see that person as they are.

But the real heart is free of associations, so it sees things as they are. If you see something or someone as they are, you see they are not separate from you. This is how you can begin to understand the Law of Unity. There is one Existence, one universe, one Consciousness, one life, one energy. In the heart, everything is one. The heart doesn’t see in opposition. It includes “opposites” within itself, and transforms everything into the essential energy of love. We think love means having something or someone to love. To us, “something” means something separate from the Totality. In unity there is no “thing.” There is only is-ness. There is one is, which is the is-ness of everything. The manifestation of that is is the universe— filled with variety. Your body has trillions of cells. No two are identical. The creative energy of the universe manifests in unity, but not in uniformity. There are countless drops of water in the ocean, but each is a particular drop. We are particular for a reason— that’s why we were created this way. We each have to relate to ourself in order to enter into unity. We cannot have any understanding of the universe without Self-understanding. You have to understand yourself in order to find your relationship to the whole.