May 13, 2019

The principle of Firmness and Gentleness can help us. Firmness is the Consciousness of the Ultimate intelligence. Gentleness is real Conscience. Conscience has a benevolent quality, because it understands. Understanding is benevolent. When we receive the light of understanding in our conscience, we see what steps are needed, and how and when to take them. We experience real love in the heart—it is benevolent and its job is to unify. Knowledge diversifies, understanding unifies. To really understand Firmness and Gentleness means to understand the Universal Laws, and understand how to live in harmony with them.

For firmness and gentleness to become one, to function as one in us, we have to unify our mind, feelings, and body. Without connection to each other, these three are outwardly oriented. We look at the manifested aspect of Existence and we try to name and define things according to their outer characteristics.

But as long as understanding is missing, it doesn’t matter how much we try to describe the behavior of an atom, or of matter as a whole. At best, we recognize some of its characteristics, but only some. We cannot have wholeness with our fragmented “understanding.” So we’re always in the misery of not knowing what
to do, or of knowing what to do, but not how to do it. Or not having enough energy or desire to do what we should.

To relate to the principle of Firmness and Gentleness, we have to find it in ourselves. Our firmness is the knowledge we have. But the gentleness in ourselves is missing, because it comes from understanding, which we don’t have. Understanding is the fusion of knowledge and Being.

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