May 17, 2019

Our knowledge is really just information, gathered from outside. But when our Being participates, its light passes through that knowledge, purifies it and extracts meaning from it. That becomes our understanding. But because we don’t know how to extract understanding from what we read and acquire from all our education, we are overcrowded. There’s no room for understanding to enter. We have to begin to empty ourselves out, to let go of our attachment to all the information we’ve gathered.

Our body eats food. It extracts nutrients and useful elements, and eliminates the rest. But everything our mind eats just sits there, undigested. Our mind gets so big, but it’s filled up with garbage. We can’t use it. We have to learn how to make it into compost—then it is useful. Composting takes effort. No one can do it for us. We have to take what we hear, what we read, into our life and examine it. Is it true? How do I know? We make compost by inquiring, looking, and examining. Slowly, a few things begin to make sense. In time, a few more things make sense and fit next to what we’ve already examined. Gradually, we acquire a body of knowledge that is useful to us, and therefore, useful to others as well. That becomes our understanding. Our understanding is eternal.

Unverified knowledge has no value for you. Even if it’s true, it’s not true for you. Truth is the experience of the truth in yourself.

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