May 1, 2019

Real health, according to Breema, means only one thing—harmony with Existence. Your body could have all kinds of problems, but that has nothing to
 do with real health. You can remain with the flow of the life force, and accept the condition of your body. “I have a headache” means only that there is a headache. You could accept life as it comes and as it goes, and you, yourself, are simply the observer of the flow of events. That which you see, you accept, without the desire to change it.

And that doesn’t mean don’t look for remedies or for people who can help you. You do whatever is necessary, but not from the standpoint that something is wrong. You do it simply because it needs to be done. When your body is hungry, you eat. When it’s tired, you rest. Why not apply the same thing to everything in your life? When you need to think, think. When you need to be quiet, be quiet. This way, you’re not in conflict with the life force, and you benefit. Hopefully, you become a little wiser.

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