May 25, 2019

You cannot know what Firmness and Gentleness is through your sensory impressions, because you have to rely on your mind to judge and interpret the principle. If you try to take firmness separately from gentleness, if becomes force. Firmness and gentleness
are always together. Force is not firmness, because
in actual firmness, there is also gentleness. Force is manipulative. Firmness and gentleness together aren’t manipulative. Your receptivity attracts firmness and gentleness.

Firmness and gentleness can never be separated. When you don’t have gentleness, it means you don’t have firmness either. They are two sides of one coin. To manifest harmoniously in life, both are needed. If you think of firmness as a function of the mind and gentleness as a function of the feelings, you can see that neither one by itself is sufficient to take you towards understanding. The two need to come together.

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