May 28, 2019

The purpose of our existence cannot be separated from the Universal purpose. Existence manifests to know itself, and we, also, need to discover who we really are.

The way to deal with the mind is to make it a mind that’s in search. We need an aim—to be and to know and to understand. The first job to give the mind is to become familiar with the taste of body and mind working as one unit. When body and mind come together, we become ready to receive Conscious energy. In the presence of Conscious energy, instead of thoughts, we have realizations. To realize means to become one with the real. If you let go of thoughts about yourself, what remains is a taste of your existence. When that taste is present, you can have thoughts, but now they are elevated, which means in unity with your feelings. When heart and mind work in unity, little by little, the gate to understanding the meaning and purpose of your life opens up.

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