November 11, 2018

We look only at what is observable, and for what we can’t observe, we depend on what we think. There
 is no room for realization. The most we can come 
to is fact. And then, when we see a river and think that water is hydrogen and oxygen, we no longer see a river of flowing water—we only see our picture of hydrogen and oxygen.

What’s the value of knowing what ingredients a star is made of, and never coming to the magic of the unknown reality behind it? What is the Source that manifested that star? That’s the magic of life that’s inherent in everything observable—its unobservable Source.

What benefit is there in taking the wonder out of life and exchanging it for some logic? That road never leads you to the truth of what you are studying. Because truth isn’t in thoughts and words. You can’t think the truth. The truth isn’t in words—it’s in that which exists. To come to the truth, to realize the truth, to be with the truth, you have to exist.

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