November 14, 2018

To be able to enter the realm of No Force, the sense of separation has to disappear. There is no force when you are conscious of the relationship between the part and the whole. In unity, there is no force.

Force comes from ignorance. If I look at you and I see a separate “you,” that is ignorance, that is force. If I look at a carpet and I think it’s just a separate thing that my mind defines as “carpet,” I’m using force. In the entire Existence, there are no separate “things.” As soon as I take something to be a separate “thing,” my identification with that object immediately brings me to the realm of ignorance, and in ignorance, there is only force. And one of the results of force is the egoism we all suffer from, often without knowing it.

When you feel under the pressure of time, you experience time as force because you are separated from your consciousness, from your real intelligence.

When you have a thought, and that thought is separated from the thinker, there is force. The only thoughts that are free of force are those which come from the unity between the thinker and their thoughts. If the taste of I am-ness is absent, there is force. The absence of that taste is ignorance. I think and I am—these have to be simultaneous.

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