November 18, 2018

Giving and receiving need to be understood from
 a higher dimension. When you really give, you
 give to the Totality. When you really receive, you receive from the Totality. If you give to someone 
you relate to only in separation, you are giving only to the temporary part of them, which will only be here for seventy or eighty years or so. What kind of giving is that? But when you are connected to the bigger picture, your giving is something precious. When you smile genuinely at someone in the street, that’s true giving. When the way your waiter serves you isn’t quite perfect, but instead of expressing criticism, you remember how much life energy has been invested in the food that’s brought to you, that’s real giving.

What this means is don’t forget your True nature. Don’t forget about the essential interconnectedness of all that exists. Don’t forget you are part of the Totality. When you remember this, giving and receiving have authentic meaning.

When you are sitting in a room with other people, if you know the other people are also sitting in the room, that’s giving. Usually, we are so self-centered, so caught in our tiny world of self-interest, that we forget about everything and everyone else. But when you see that in acceptance, you are giving to yourself—you’re receiving from a higher aspect of yourself that sees and accepts without criticism.

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