November 20, 2018

If your Being is not participating, in what way can you say you see the people walking by? Unless you experience, by taste, the presence of your real I in this moment, nothing you say is really true. Nothing you see is real.

If you lose connection to the Source that manifested you, you don’t really exist. And you manifest without connection to what you’re doing. That’s the way unconscious life on the Earth is.

When you know you exist, the tree you’re looking at exists. When you are real, everything you see becomes real.

You may have been sitting in this same spot yesterday. Where is that now? Only in memory. And memory is fragmented and inaccurate. But if you had a moment yesterday when you tasted your existence, that moment is not lost. It’s not in your memory. It’s in your Being, and is present now. You have to experience you are sitting here. When you actually experience, your Being is participating.

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