November 27, 2018

What is it your hand is doing while you’re doing Breema? Are you practicing a technique, something you “know”? No! But you know you have well- wishing, which includes the wish to be supportive of the recipient’s body. Therefore, you receive support from the activity of your body. Whenever you wish well, you receive from it.

What happens if you do that in order to think of yourself as a person who is benevolent and giving? Then it goes in the wrong direction, because you’re doing it for ego satisfaction. What is giving about that? At some point, you have to see something about yourself, and say, “Yes, in this situation, this is how it is.” Otherwise, you never see through your self-image. Many people may have put you on a pedestal and said, “You are a great guy!” Now, although it’s difficult, you have to see you are nothing special.

One thing you can work with is to place others’ needs before your own. Look at how difficult that is. A student said to his teacher, “Sir, I cannot do that!”

The teacher said, “Alright, that’s fair. At least make the other person equal to yourself.” The student said, “Sir, that’s hard!” “Oh, alright. Alright. Then see you prefer to be more important than that person. But see that, and accept it.”

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