November 28, 2018

When body, mind, and feelings come together, the trillions of cells in your body come into harmony with each other. When you place your hand on the recipient’s body, it’s as though every one of those cells is placing their hand on the recipient.

We’ve lost our connection to our essential nature, and only our temporary aspect is huffing and puffing its way through life. Your temporary aspect could become successful in every outer field. So we don’t see our real need. We identify with our “shell,” but inside, we are conditioned and empty.

To taste your existence is what Full Participation really means. It means the totality of yourself is engaged in your activity. Whenever the totality functions, there’s no room for identification. There’s no one to take credit, there’s no one to blame. You become directly connected to the emanation of your True nature. To work with the Nine Principles in simplicity, you need to be connected to your Being. You practice Breema to gain a tiny grain of consciousness. Because of that one grain, you can receive another. That’s how consciousness grows.

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