September 5, 2019

If you have concepts about whatever you’re doing, you’re caught in the machinery of thought, which separates you from experiencing life, moment by moment. One thing is wrong with thoughts—they don’t contain life energy. The mind occupied with mechanical thinking is in darkness. It doesn’t have light to see with.

The mind is easily satisfied with explanations, because it receives information from them, and then it thinks, “Now I understand that.” But when we know about something, it doesn’t mean we understand it.

Thinking mechanically is just shuffling information around inside your head. You are not participating in the process. Thinking could be worthwhile, if you choose what to think about, instead of being occupied with random thoughts. If you have Being-participation in this process, your thoughts are “new thoughts”— they relate to you, yourself.

Body-mind connection is the first step in coming to the mind that can think. Since the body is always breathing, you can bring your mind to the activity of inhalation and exhalation. Practice that until it becomes natural for you. When body inhales, you are with the body. When body exhales, you are with it. “With it” means body-mind connection. Stay with it until your feelings come in, too. When you have body-mind-feeling connection, you begin to be a human being.

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