Single Moment/Single Activity

Your body breathes. Your body has weight on the ground. The activity of the body takes place in the present. When your hand touches something, that’s the only moment that exists. There is no “moment ago,” when your hand was somewhere else. There’s no “next moment,” when your hand will be somewhere else. Everything you’ve done in your whole life is expressed in this one touch.
From "Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony"

Audio excerpt from Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony read by Jon Schreiber.

It is impossible to have the same experience twice. Life doesn’t grow out of the past. The entire universe is born in this very moment.
From "Freedom Is in This Moment"

Only this moment exists, and it has nothing to do with the moment before. It has no connection to it. This moment contains its past and future within itself. Things aren’t just a little different in this moment than they were in the previous moment. Everything is different! Every single photon in the entire universe is different. Nothing is as it was. Nothing is unchanged. Nothing from the previous moment remains. This moment is absolutely new!
From "Freedom Is in This Moment"

Existence expresses its blessing moment after moment, so our receptivity is needed, moment after moment.
From "Every Moment Is Eternal"

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