Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony

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by Jon Schreiber

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Hardcover, 168 pages, 7" x 9", 81 photographs


Breema is universal and has great potential value to anyone with a sincere interest in Truth, because it’s a practical road to Self-understanding. Breema’s timeless principles are applicable to every situation in life, and they open us to the possibility of awakening to the essential unity of Existence in this very moment.

Preface from Breema and The Nine Principles of Harmony:

Breema is a teaching of the heart,
an expression of the unifying principle
of Existence.
Its purpose is to create harmony and balance
between your mind, feelings, and body,
and in your relationship to yourself,
to others, and to all life.

Only a fraction of the real essence of Breema can be communicated to the mind. Breema speaks much more effectively to your body. Through receiving Breema bodywork, or by practicing Self-Breema exercises or the bodywork sequences in a class, you begin to see what this is all about. You begin to experience Breema's philosophy and principles in your body. This direct experience bypasses your mind and feelings, and helps them become open and receptive, because you've already had a taste of what Breema truly is.

Receptivity is a universal currency. When you have it, higher dimensions of knowledge become available to you, and your Being is nurtured. Then this book, which includes material excerpted from Breema classes over the years, can really talk to you. Breema speaks the language of your Being. You hear it from inside yourself, as though you are expressing a hidden understanding that has always been a part of you. That expression harmonizes your mind, feelings, and body. Then you can see that Breema is totally practical. Its entire philosophy can be verified.

Although you can get a lot out of this book, I must tell you in all honesty that the words printed here are containers. To open them up and extract their meaning, you need to experience Breema bodywork for yourself. The bodywork offers some of the essential support you need to bring this understanding directly into your life.

If it were possible to teach the bodywork, even in a limited fashion, in a book, I would happily do so. But to learn Breema, the direct presence and atmosphere of an instructor who has for years practiced the bodywork and worked with the philosophy and the Nine Principles is indispensable. Without that, the movements and sequences are merely empty form, devoid of their inner content.

Be nurtured by this book. Use it and take a step. When you are ready for more, find a Certified Breema Instructor and receive a session or take a class. That's how you start to really learn the language of Breema, which is actually your own native tongue.


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