Freedom Is in This Moment

365 Insights for Daily Life
By Jon Schreiber

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When you read these writings, you are filled up with an inner resonance, because their reality and meaning are in you as well as all around you. When you hear the Truth, you also hear it inside of yourself, in your very essence. The Truth is not something foreign. It’s already part of you just because you exist!


"It's not how much you know that's important—it's how much you can live this knowledge."

"The nature of water is to flow. But if you want it to flow through your field, you'd better dig a trench."

"People want to grasp the Truth with their mind. But they can't. The Truth shies away from them because it can't be possessed. You have to dissolve yourself into it." (p 252)

"Every problem starts with a thought. We think a certain way about something, and by sticking with that thought and giving it importance, we create misery for ourselves. Being present gives us the possibility to see the thought just as a thought and not identify with it." (p 363)

"You can't separate your finger from your body and still say it's a finger. In the same way, you can't separate yourself from the totality. Without the totality of Existence, "you" is a meaningless concept." (p 364)


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