April 15, 2019

If you look at anything as separate from you, you can’t say you have Full Participation. What does
“full” mean? It means in unity with all that exists. To fully participate, you need two things—knowledge and Being. And when these are both present, you experience their presence as taste. That taste is received in the body. That’s why, with all the problems our body gives us, it’s worth having. But the body is not given to us just for the sake of having it. It’s meant to serve our development. The first step is to know, by experiencing it, that the body breathes, that it has weight. That leads you to the consciousness of there is a body. When we don’t know this in our consciousness, we’re not living at home. The first step is to bring your consciousness home, to the body.

This is the beginning of being in charge of your mind. The person who’s in charge of their mind does not harm life. When you understand, you don’t do harm, because you see that nothing is separate from you. When you see that everyone is actually connected to you, you don’t wish ill for them—you wish them well. We all come from one Source and return to the same Source.

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